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HRM, the employee is key

All HR possibilities and yet easy to manage.

  • Full control of your personnel data

  • Contract management

  • Time-sheets, statements of expenses and holidays 

  • Recruitment and selection management

  • Fees and costs management

  • Fleet control


Accessible controllable and a clear oversight of hours of work

  • Internal and external time-sheets

  • Directly register from or to account

  • Extended billing options

  • Options for activities and fees control

  • Input also possible online at home using for instance a tablet 

  • Accessible and clear dashboards


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Odoo afbeelding en tekstblok

Expenses management

Overview of  ll personal declarable expenses.

  • User-friendly input

  • Direct linking of receipts

  • Direct financial registering 

  • Insight per employer, department, type of costs etc

  • Automatic uploading of receipts via smartphone

Recruitment and selection management

Clear overviews of candidates and actions. 

  • Streamline the recruitment and selection management

  • Manage applications and candidates

  • Online and integrated surveys


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