Odoo is multi-national available in 23 languages, multi -company, -warehouse and -production and is active in 120 countries.


B-informed distinguishes the following types of maintenance/support:

  • Corrective maintenance and follow up after Go Live

  • Extensions and / or supplements

  • Updates or upgrades

Thanks to an Service Level Agreement ("SLA"), the customer has a guarantee on availability and involvement of B-informed to follow any requested improvements and enhancements and to ensure the continuity of Odoo production environment.


For registration and management of bugs, issues, features, actions and planning B-informed uses the Odoo helpdesk module. 

A certain group of people in your organisation can access issues and report. These issues can be reported on the basis of a priority. You can always contact us directly by phone using our support line.

In het proces zullen één of enkele beheerders toegang krijgen tot dit systeem.

B-informed works with various types of classification of urgency:

Issues that need to be solved directly because the work is on hold. B-informed reacts immediately and starts fixing.

Issues to be resolved quickly because the work is disturbed. B-informed responds within one day and starts with fixing within two work-days. 

Issues that need to resolved quickly but do not interfere with work. B-informed responds within one day and starts within four work-days. 

Issues to be resolved but have no direct impact on the work. B-informed responds within one week and starts within two weeks.

Issues that need to be resolved if there are no urgent issues. B-informed will carry out the work if the issues with higher priority are resolved. 

Nice to have:
Issues that need to be solved, but which can be worked on when there are no other issues. B-informed will carry out the work as the other issues have been resolved