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Complexity is your enemy,
Any fool can make something complicated.

It's hard to keep things simple
                                                                      Sir Richard Branson

About B-informed | This is us

Our flexible and modern organisational structure is ready for all these changes. By offering a wide range of experts within one organisation. We link our specific expert to your business question or challenge. We work with a team of great experts on a wide range of subjects. Professionals who understand your business needs.

Know how

Business knowledge and developers who understand how organizations work.

We understand your business processes and are eager to share our broad experience with you.

Modern ERP software as Odoo offers great possibilities for your business. With using these tools B-informed provides clients room to develop and improve their business. Our organization characterizes itself by one clear mission, business know-how and a very flexible mind. An organization that can adapt very fast to any changes in the market and can answer your questions quickly.

Customer satisfaction is our priority

No formal support contracts, just a call or email.

You know us and our technical developers. You can just call or send them an email.

Our main priority is a satisfied client. We accomplish this by contact with our customer on a regular basis, a good organization and very good cost-quality balance. The core base of B-informed is not in IT but in industrial engineering. This makes us excellent in understanding your business and organization and what pragmatic solution would fit.

Better, Easier, Faster, Smarter or Cheaper

Uw logische doelstelling en onze uitdaging.  

In all our implementation projects we strive to maximize the return on your investment.

Our services aim to provide an information provision which is better, easier, faster, smarter or cheaper. Improve informational structures and exchange, internal and external communication is our drive.

Pragmatic and creative solutions

Our drive is to offer simple alternatives for complex issues.

Pragmatism makes us deliver, creativity helps us with that. Our customers are confronted with huge challenges. Modern times demand fast adaption. The influence of the fast evolving ICT is increasing as well. In this fast evolving ICT environment you will be confronted with many operational and technical challenges.

Our customers are faced with enormous challenges. The demands of this time mean that people have to change ever faster. The influence of, also rapidly developing, ICT has an increasing influence on this. In the current rapidly changing IT environment you are confronted with a multitude of operational and technical challenges.