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The power of 23 languages, 120 countries, 450 employees, 700 partners, 5000 developers, 70,000+ customers and more than 2,500,000 users

Overview of Odoo ERP

ODOO is the fastest growing enterprise software in the world. ODOO has a complete suite of business applications for each process, From CRM and e-commerce to production, inventory management and accounting, all seamlessly integrated into one ERP system.

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Next generation ERP
Your organization and usability central
The introduction of an ERP system is to a large extent dependent on the flexibility and ease of use.
Odoo helps.
ODOO is developed in a modern business model that has a huge development power. The software is flexible and reliable. Solutions for your specific needs are simple and quick to fit. This is in contrast to the well-known traditional ERP systems. Low investment with a very high quality / ROI ratio.

world2What makes Odoo different

A smooth and friendly user experience that is built for optimal user adoption.
Flexibility and full integration that can meet the needs of complex companies. The flexibility of Odoo is such that applications can be seamlessly added during the growth of the company

With a network of over 700 partners and 5,000 developers are working every day to "state of the art" applications. This app's seamless integration into the standard by the very modern and advanced technology that lies behind Odoo.

B-informed chooses for the future.... Odoo, an European initiative.




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