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The power of 23 languages, 120 countries, 450 employees, 700 partners, 5000 developers, 70,000+ customers and more than 2,500,000 users

Core values

B-informed focusses especially on medium sized organisations and smaller big-businesses. In the organisations which we serve are big challenges that inspire us to think of solutions that make our customers happy.


Our customer expects

rond knife

A dynamic world asks for flexibility. We know that “changing gear” can be necessary every once and again.


Developments in the market like flexibility, speeding up, pressure on margins compel us to take a higher speed of innovation and product improvement. Organisations and thus ICT need to be flexible. B-informed likes to work dynamical, with a direct contact. Making something nice together!



Our customer expects
rond kwaliteit

You know us  and you know our technical people. You can simply call or e-mail them.


It seems so self-evident. That is how it should be! Live up to expectations  and do what we agreed to. That is B-informed's goal, always. Clarity, mature project management, broad knowledge of Odoo, qualified people and especially joy for work are keywords.


Our customer expects
efficient solutions

rond efficiency

Efficient use of people and means. Your ROI in mind. For us it is self-evident.


Use  and necessity of flexible and cost-efficient ICT-solutions are bigger than ever. We combine your developments and challenges with the very fast developments in internet services. This is how we like to come to answering the question, together with you.


Our customer expects
rond samen

 Only when we combine your and our knowledge, we will get the results we want.

We think the way of working where advisers come tell you how things have to be done is old-fashioned. Combining our and your knowledge will get real solutions. Our implementations will work from a close cooperation with your core-users. With them we will build the best ERP package in the whole world for your organisation. 

B-informed | The Odoo ERP specialist for medium-sized enterprises in the Services, Industry and Trade & Supply
                     With extensive experience in internationally operating organizations.